Direct accessibility physiotherapy

You can get treatment at Fysiotherapie Middenweg without a referral from your general practitioner or medical specialist. This is called the Direct Accessibility Physiotherapy (DTF in Dutch). When you come without seeing a doctor first, the intake will be a little different. I have to determine whether your complaint can be treated. This is the so-called screening.

The screening

During the 10 minute interview the physiotherapist has a detecting and advisory role. The interview consists of the following components:

  • Registration
  • Addressing the request for help
  • Screening for right/not right
  • Inform and advise in response to observations

The examination

If no peculiarities are found in the screening, we will determine if further physiotherapeutic examination is desirable. It is possible that recommendations only will already help you. If there is a reason to start a treatment program, this will be discussed with you.

Written report

After the consult all data from the screening and the possible examination will be documented in a report for your general practitioner. This will only be sent with your approval.

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