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Knee complaints

Knee complaints are very common in general practitioners practices, right after neck and shoulder complaints. Often these complaints occur after an accident or due to physical overload. However, it is not always possible to find an obvious cause for the complaints. The location of the pain can differ. This can be deep or in the superficial layers.

The knee has a joint space. At the front is the kneecap. This is responsible for giving the upper leg muscles optimal power. In the centre there are 2 cruciate ligaments and 2 menisci, also called cartilage disks. They have an important function in the stability and protection of the knee.

We all know someone who has torn their cruciate ligament or meniscus. The ‘football knee’ is a well-known example of this. Untreated this can, specifically at a young age, have troublesome consequences for the knee function in the long term.

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The treatment of knee injuries

Whether you have had surgery, experience chronical pain, or you had a knee distortion, good recovery of your knee is very important. For athletes the exercises will resemble the movements they make in their sports.

You can compete in that sport again once you have passed the sport specific final functional tests. A final functioning test could be an obstacle course or functional hop tests.

Insight in your recovery

Naturally you want to know if you are making progress. If you are pain free, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have recovered. During the entire treatment program your knee function will be judged by swelling, mobility and muscle function.

At Fysiotherapie Middenweg additional ultrasound examination will give you a good impression of the presence of hydrops or the condition of the knee tendons and ligaments. I also use knee function questionnaires to get an impression of your recovery.

What if your complaints persist?

Fysiotherapie Middenweg will be in touch closely with your general practitioner or medical specialist. If your recovery does not go according to plan, we will discuss your options betimes. Of course we want to avoid any unnecessary delay in your rehabilitation.