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Neck or back complaints?

Not so strange, since there are about 700.000 registrations of people with neck or back complaints (National Compass of Health). Lower back pain without radiation is the most common problem. The number of new complaints rises for people of middle age and up.

Neck and back pain. What can I do for you?

Neck and back pain with or without radiation can be caused by overloading, for example by lots of lifting or doing handy jobs, a bad work posture, stress or limited physical movement. Most of the time there are multiple causes. Luckily most complaints are innocent en respond well to physiotherapeutic instructions and exercise therapy. This is also proven by multiple scientific researches.

The treatment of neck and back complaints

After the interview and the physical examination, I will make a treatment plan with you, fit to your specific needs, my vision and of course your request for help. Besides reducing symptoms like pain I will focus my attention on optimizing the joint functions.

If stiffness is responsible for the complaints, I will give you physical exercises or mobilization. If increased mobility causes your complaints, I will focus on very specific exercises. Because no one person is the same, we will decide together which approach suits you best.

In the end you have to be able to function without physical limitations in your daily life or be able to play sports. Functional exercise therapy plays an important role in this. The exercise area of Fysiotherapie Middenweg is very well equipped for this.

Insight in your recovery

To fully understand the meaning of your complaints and to get an impression of the progression of your treatment, I will hand out questionnaires during your treatment program. These will allow to reflect your pain intensity or the way you are being limited in your daily functioning.

The questionnaires will be attached to your file. After the treatment program your general practitioner or medical specialist will receive a closing report.

What if your complaints persist?

Sometimes a treatment doesn’t go as planned and you will keep complaints and restrictions in your daily functioning. In this case I will get in touch with your general practitioner or medical specialist to help you get rid of your complaints as soon as possible together.