Personal Training

Are you afraid to go to the gym? Are you scared to get injured quickly? Or are you just looking for a professional who can help you get fit again as fast as possible? In these cases, consider personal training.

Fysiotherapie Middenweg offers personal training. In a one on one coaching program we systematically work on your physical fitness, reduce your risk for injuries and work toward your goals together. This all happens in a safe, controlled and responsible manner.

Personal training at Fysiotherapie Middenweg can help you improve:

  • Muscle and joint mobility
  • Muscle strength
  • Coordination
  • Endurance

Together we will discuss your goals and wishes during an intake. What do you expect from your personal trainer? Which help or coaching do you need? And how is your physical fitness at the moment? During the intake we will therefor address the following topics:

  • Why are you here and what are your goals?
  • A physical examination will take place
  • We will do a function and strength measurement and determine what your endurance levels are
  • Finally an personal exercise and/or training program will be made.

I guarantee you that I will get you to a longlasting, optimal fitness level. Ask for an intake here