Second opinion

Have you had shoulder, arm or knee problems for a long time? Does moving or exercising hurt no matter what you have tried? And have you been advised different things, and nothing helps?

Years of experience in orthopedic research, rehabilitation and ultrasound examination give Fysiotherapie Middenweg the tools to help you recover.

Practical experience has shown that not always all of the treatment or examination tools are being used. Due to this, sometimes therapists will make you believe the pain is ‘in your mind’ and treatment is no longer useful, or the given advice does not help.

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Of course not every patient can be ‘cured’. There are many complaint symptoms that are hard to examine or whose cause is hard to find. I do realize that. A chronical pain syndrome is a good example. Understandable explanation, an compassionate attitude, a good movement advice or referral to a specialized doctor, can give the satisfaction and reassurance the patient so desperately needs at that moment. I would also gladly play a role in this.

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