Shoulder complaints

It is very likely you or someone you know has had shoulder complaints. “I have a bursitis or tendonitis” are very commonly-heard terms. Not strange, if you realize shoulder pain occurs in approximately 31% of the population.

Most complaints occur in the area under the acromion, where the shoulder tendons and bursas are. These complaints can restrict you in things as driving a car, getting dressed or undressed or while reaching.

You could also be recovering from a shoulder surgery. The shoulder is often painful and sometimes stiff during the first few weeks after surgery. This is caused by mandatory rest in a sling most of the times.

Your upperarm, shoulderblade and collarbone together form your shoulder. The shoulder cavity is a part of the shoulder blade. It is small and shallow and guarantees a great range of motion.

Similar as the hip joint the joint cavity is surrounded by a ring of cartilage, called the labrum. It provides optimal joint congruency and stability. The joint capsule, a thin layer of connective tissue, covers the shoulder joint. This capsule and four deep lying shoulder muscles stabilize your shoulder joint, preventing luxation.

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The treatment of shoulder complaints

The treatment of shoulder complaints depends on the type of shoulder problem. Shoulder complaints can have multiple causes. Overloading, wrong movement, a bad posture, but also age and hereditary factors play a role.

From scientific studies, but also from my own experience as a physiotherapist at a shoulder outpatients clinic, I know that many shoulder complaints have a great chance of recovery by making lifestyle adjustments combined with a personal exercise program.

Insight in your recovery

Clinical expertise, experience and reliable diagnostic options such as ultrasound technology, provide a treatment program meeting your personal needs and wishes. Personal coaching combined with a prevention program help you and your shoulder on your way to a sustainable recovery.

What if your complaints persist?

You have to be realistic. Not everyone recovers enough or to their own satisfaction. Fysiotherapie Middenweg will help you consider other options. An appointment with your general practitioner or medical specialist are one of them.