Sports massage and massage

Why you need (sports) massage? Playing sports, all daily physical activities, a wrong posture or work overload. Our muscles endure a lot every day. Everyone has experienced that this can cause pain and physical discomforts. Muscles tension and muscle pain are annoying. They are very natural reactions to overload and THE stimulus for your body to get stronger. However, long term muscle complaints hinder you in your daily life and in sports. Sports massage reduces stress and supports the natural muscle recovery.

When you are preparing for a sports competition, you have to train a lot. That’s why the chance of overloading your muscles is realistic. To reduce the risk of injuries and to prevent your training to come to a halt for too long, sports massage is the right answer. Sports massage combined with relaxing muscle stretches offers you a solid physical preparation and optimum recovery. I can offer you a tailor made therapy in order to get or stay fit.

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