Ultrasound examination, a reliable addition in diagnostics.

This kind of examination has an important diagnostic value in physiotherapeutic examination and treatment. It allows the physiotherapist to get a clear view of the condition of the various tissue structures. Because of this a very thorough diagnosis can be made, which supports a much more efficient treatment program.

What can be visualized with ultrasound examination?

  • bone contours
  • cartilage
  • joint capsule
  • joint ligaments
  • tendons
  • bursae
  • muscles
  • joints
  • fluid

Which injuries or abnormalities are visualized often?

  • calcific tendinitis
  • bursitis
  • sprained or torn joint ligaments
  • muscle damage
  • tendinitis
  • hydrops
  • small bone fractures

As mentioned before, ultrasound examination performed by an experienced therapist, can be of enormous value. I have taken multiple courses given by prominent radiologists. I have also gained a lot of experience as an advisory physiotherapist at the shoulder outpatients clinic. Fysiotherapy Middenweg has the equipment to perform ultrasound examination. This examination will give you a more accurate diagnosis and gives me the opportunity to help you recover faster and better.

I offer you this service free of charge.

echografisch onderzoek
echografisch onderzoek