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Elbow complaints

Elbow complaints are most common in the age group of 40-50 years. The tennis elbow is the most common complaint. Luckily most elbow complaints will recover naturally. If there is a limitation in movement, a reduced muscle function or wrong use of the joint, physiotherapy can help.

The elbow is a so called ‘ hinge joint’, the connection between upper- and forearm. The forearm is formed by two thin, long bones called the ulna and radius. They form a connection with the upper arm and wrist joint.

The elbow joint enables flexion, extension, pronation and supination of the arm. This is why we can open a lock, use a screwdriver or accept money. In contrast with the hip- and knee joint, osteoarthritis in the elbow is not very common. An elbow fracture can lead to persistent impairment and premature osteoarthritis.

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The treatment of elbow complaints

The treatment of elbow complaints starts with an intake, followed by a physical examination. At Fysiotherapie Middenweg ultrasound examination is possible. This allows me to judge your muscles, tendons and ligaments very precisely. After that I will make a treatment plan with you.

The start of the treatment could consist of pain relief. If you can’t bend or stretch your arm properly, this will have my attention first so you can start exercises afterwards. The ultimate goal is to be able to move freely and without limitations.

Insight in your recovery

Before, during and after your treatment program I will document your limitations in function and pain complaints. This will help me and you get a clear impression of the process of your recovery. After the treatment your general practitioner or medical specialist will receive a closing report.

What if your complaints persist?

It is possible that your process of recovery is not as expected. In consultation with your general practitioner or medical specialist we will discuss alternative treatment options. This could be medication or an anti-inflammatory injection. In general the prognosis for recovery is good.

With chronical complaints approximately 80% of all patients is satisfied after 6 months. After one year this is 90%.