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Physiotherapy Amsterdam East & Watergraafsmeer

This modern practice is situated at the Middenweg in Amsterdam East Watergraafsmeer and offers regular physiotherapy for lasting recovery and prevention. Besides that Fysiotherapie Middenweg is specialized in neck-, shoulder- and arm injuries.

Your personal treatment

Do you want to get rid of your physical complaints and injuries, but also for as long as possible? Maybe even get fitter and better than you were? Physiotherapie Middenweg offers a sustainable approach.

Realistic outlook

Physiotherapy Middenweg has a realistic outlook on your treatment. A diagnosis based on current scientific insights/findings, intensive personal coaching, examination with ultrasound and digital tools, excellent equipment and clear-cut exercise material; all of these ingredients form the basis for your recovery or improvement of your physical condition. But of course your own commitment is also very important.

Succesful recovery

Physiotherapy Middenweg can help you with your recovery from physical complaints like back pain, shoulder pain, neck problems and sports injuries. But also with rehabilitation after surgery, improvement of performance or fitness.

Rehab specialization

Physiotherapy Middenweg in Amsterdam East is specialized in the treatment of (chronic) neck, shoulder and arm injuries and therefore acts as a centre of knowledge and expertise.

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