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Hip complaints

There are different causes for hip complaints: overloading in your daily life or during sports, due to an accident, but also by not moving enough. Osteoarthritis and bursa/tendon irritation have a high prevalence.

The hip joint is a so called ‘ ball and socket joint’. Just like the shoulder joint the hip socket is surrounded by a ring of cartilage, the labrum. It guarantees a vacuum and optimal joint stability. Luxation of the joint is not very common.

Groin pain while standing up, sitting down or crossing your legs could be signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis or labrum pathology.

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The treatment of hip complaints

Luckily most hip complaints can be treated without medical intervention. We know that hip degeneration also occurs in people without complaints. Which means this doesn’t always have to be the cause of your pain.

Wrong or limited movement, a limited function of your muscles, or limited mobility of the hip joint can be responsible for (maintaining) your complaints. The prognosis of recovery from these disabilities is good with the help of physiotherapeutic coaching.

Insight in your recovery

The progression of your recovery is documented by measurements of function and questionnaires, that are specifically targeting the hip region. With the help of ultrasound examination the various tissue structures can be judged even more precisely.

What if your complaints persist?

Fysiotherapie Middenweg offers you a complete coaching program on your way to recovery, even if things don’t go according to plan. In consultation with your general practitioner or medical specialist we will give you an alternative treatment plan or additional examinations.